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Why Movies Should Be For Entertainment Purposes and Not For Educational Purposes

While some people might feel that movies are only for entertainment, there is a definite case for considering them educational. While you may not be able to teach a student anything new from watching a movie, you can provide your students with valuable insight into a new culture or language. You can also help them learn about different people and their different ways of addressing a situation. Even though movies are not the best choice for learning, they can be an extremely beneficial educational tool for teenagers.

Despite this, it is important to understand that movies can be used to spread propaganda. World War II German films have been accused of doing just that. Even movies that tackle sensitive subjects such as politics can go wrong. Movies should be created to entertain and inform the general public, but that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t also be educational. For example, a documentary about a love market in Sapa may be more educational than you might think.

While movies should be viewed for entertainment purposes, they can be a great way to teach. Whether it is a history lesson, a science lesson, or a world event, a film can provide a fresh perspective on the subject. Studies show that 65 percent of the population is a visual learner. They are also great for tutoring, as students often learn more through films than from textbooks.

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