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Unproblematic Kpop Companies

If you are tired of the usual unproblematic Kpop companies, it’s time to look elsewhere. There are many good ones, and we’ll talk about some of the worst in this article. If you’re wondering if they’re worth supporting, read on. K-pop isn’t a problem for everyone, but for many people, the industry can be quite problematic. Here are some ways you can support the industry without being a jerk.

First, YG is one of the biggest Kpop groups, yet it is also the most discredited. Fans often reduce YG’s accomplishments to media play and payola. People deliberately leave YG out of discussions of big Kpop groups because they consider mentioning them an insult. Some people hate YG so much that they don’t want to acknowledge their impact. YG’s dismal status means that they can’t compete with the other big companies.

The rise of new technology has democratized the distribution of K-pop, creating a space for ride-or-die stans and K-pop fans to interact. Moreover, the internet has removed geographical boundaries – important barriers between fans and idols. As a result, k-pop fans and companies can now reach a global audience. However, a small percentage of K-pop fans are unhappy.

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