The Rise of Holographic Labels and How to Use Them in Custom Packaging Design

Holographic labels are becoming increasingly popular in custom packaging designs, offering an eye-catching and unique effect to products. From food and beverage companies to luxury brands, businesses across industries have utilized these labels for more visually appealing product packaging. 

This article will explore the rising popularity of holographic labels and their various uses in custom packaging design. Let’s look at why holographic labels are so popular and how you can use them too!

What are holographic labels? 

The term holographic label tells you that: a) your order will be printed on rainbow-effect vinyl and b) your order will not be individually cut. Instead, networthexposed your labels will be printed on rolls (roll labels) or sheets (sheet labels). This makes them much easier to peel. Choose roll labels if you are using a machine to label your products, and sheet labels if you are applying the labels yourself.

But back to that rainbow effect. Holographic material has an iridescent effect that can display different colors depending on where the light hits the surface. You can find out more about how holographic labels are made here.

What makes these labels so popular? 

The most obvious reason is that the holographic effect gives packaging a striking appearance and high levels of impact. It immediately catches the eye of customers, attracting them to your product in retail environments. Holographic labels also offer an array of aesthetic possibilities, with multiple designs and colors available for you to choose from.

How to use holographic labels for packaging

Here are three ways to use holographic labels effectively in your custom packaging design.

1. Promote a special sale:

Holographic labels are the perfect way to promote a special sale or promotion. This is because of their eye-catching iridescent effect that will draw customers’ attention and make your product stand out. Furthermore, holographic labels come in many designs and colors, allowing you to customize your packaging for maximum impact. With their unique look, holographic labels can help increase sales by making a product more sdasrinagar visible and attractive to potential buyers

2. Emphasize your USPs:

USPs (Unique Selling Points) are the features or benefits that make a product stand out from its competitors. They set your product apart and make it more attractive to customers than similar products. The effect of holographic labels will draw attention to your unique selling points, making them harder for consumers to ignore when they’re browsing shelves at stores.

3. Create a packaging seal:

Holographic labels can create a packaging wrinky seal to help companies build more customer trust. Through packaging seals, businesses can demonstrate to customers that the product they are buying is genuine and unopened. This helps create an impression of reliability and high-quality products.

Holographic labels offer businesses an eye-catching and unique way to stand out from the competition. From emphasizing USPs to creating a packaging seal, these labels have multiple uses in custom packaging design that can help increase sales and build customer trust. If you’re looking for ways to make your product more visible or attractive on store shelves, consider using holographic labels as part of your marketing strategy. For design tips for holographic labels, read on.

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