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Lighting for Every Room in Your House!

When it comes to lighting in a house, everyone’s got their preferences. Some people prefer to live in a house with a lot of natural light, and long open windows help with that. Others may not have a choice and might have to install many lighting fixtures in their home to keep them bright.

In both cases, having proper lighting at home is necessary. You could get lighting from plenty of stores, each with exciting styles and designs. Recently, a Scandinavian design called Muuto Lighting has been gaining popularity.

When buying lighting for each room in your house, you must remember that every room is versatile. And since lighting accounts for 10% of the average household electricity budget, choosing the right ones is important.

So, if you want to transform your home and install aesthetic and functional lighting, you’ve come to the right place! This blog will tell you how to choose what’s best for every room.

1. Living and Dining Room

Your living and dining rooms are used every day. It is probably the room you spend the majority of your time in.

When it comes to lighting it up, you should consider getting layers of lighting. Doing so will help you adapt to the different things you do there. Some types of lighting you will need for various things include:

  • Ceiling lamps: They give the room a good ambience
  • Focus lighting: This helps to highlight any wall art or pictures put up
  • Floor lamps: They are perfect for when you want to read a book
  • Table lamps: Watching TV in the dark is not good for your eyes. So, place a light beside the screen to reduce eye strain
  • Lighting grid: You can place a lighting grid above your dining table. It is both functional and pretty
  • Chandelier: Having a chandelier is the best way to add character to your room

2. Bedrooms

The bedroom is a place to unwind and relax. Getting lighting that is soft and soothing will ensure you can. Here is what you need in your bedroom:

  • Bedside lamps: If you like to read in bed, you should get a bedside lamp with warm lights
  • Concealed cove lighting: If your room has a false ceiling, installing concealed cove lighting will create a soft nighttime glow.
  • Sidelights or mirror lights: These are the best to add light beside your dressing table. It will ensure you put your make-up on perfectly.
  • Dimmer switches or knobs: Consider getting dimmer switches or a knob to adjust the light in the room. You can change the level of light based on your mood.

3. Kitchen

Planning your kitchen well is crucial. When cooking, you need to have the right amount of illumination. Some types of lights you must get are:

  • Task lights: You can get task lights and place them below the overhead cabinets. This will ensure there is adequate light on the countertops while you cook.
  • Spotlights: If your cabinets have glass doors, you can place spotlights in them. It will look lovely when they are lit from the inside.
  • Pendant lamps: They are a gorgeous addition to the breakfast or island kitchen counter.

Summing Up

Having the perfect lights at home is essential. While white lights are ideal for functional tasks, you can get yellow lights for warmth and a soothing ambience.

Muuto lamps, mirrors, and reflective surfaces can move around the light in the room. It will also make it feel bigger and brighter. So, make sure to look into everything before you buy your lighting.

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