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Is World of Warcraft Free?

You might have noticed that there’s an option for playing World of Warcraft for free, but how do you get it? This option has its pros and cons. For starters, a free account allows you to play up to level 20. There are limitations that come with it, including no experience points, in-game communication is limited, and the gold level is capped at ten. The good news is that a free account will allow you to try the game out before you decide whether to subscribe. filmefy

World of Warcraft’s Starter Edition has every class and race, except Death Knights, which are reserved for those above level 55. By using this option, you’ll have access to all the different playable characters and be able to find the ones that work best for you. In addition to the starter edition, the game includes the Exiles Reach expansion, which is great for new players. If you’re interested in learning how to play the game, you can always purchase the Starter Edition.

You can download the Blizzard app for iOS or Android. The app gives you access to the game, allows you to manage your characters, and lets you chat with other players. Android users can use the WoW Remote app to control the movement and actions of their characters from the tablet’s touchscreen. This way, you’ll be able to see everything on the map and interact with other players. The app makes the experience even better. thedocweb

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