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How to Ask Alexa to Announce the Time

You can ask Alexa to announce the time in two different ways: by requesting that it tell the time in the appropriate time zone, or by using the “what is the announcement?” function. If you ask Alexa to announce the time in the wrong time zone, she may respond by saying “Oops, that’s the wrong one.” If you’re not sure which option is best for you, try setting an alarm and requesting it from your Echo device. Once you’ve set the time, Alexa will confirm the time and start a stopwatch or timer.

Having an Audible Clock is an excellent way to have Alexa announce the time hourly. It’s easy to start and stop the clock with the voice assistant. Launching a Routine starts the clock at the last time you used it, making it easy to resume it anytime. You can even ask Alexa to play a daily flash news briefing. When using the Audible Clock, you can also request that Alexa announce the time each hour, half-hour, or quarter-hour.

Once you have a compatible device, you can use the “Alexa, announce” command to get Alexa to announce the time. You can also request for Alexa to play a message if you want it to be read aloud. The message can be audio or text and can be played directly. When you choose to make an announcement, it will be sent to all the compatible devices within your Amazon Household. When you have a device in Do Not Disturb mode, it will not play the audio recording.

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