6 advantages of getting a Woolmark certification

Wool is a versatile and complex fibre that has been utilised for many years. It reduces body odour, acts as an insulator and is resistant to water. Also, it is environmentally sustainable and lasts longer. With such benefits, it is no doubt that people will opt for clothing made of this fabric. But before purchasing garments, customers usually check whether it is made of quality wool. A Woolmark certification or logo helps confirm the quality. As a manufacturer or retailer of garments, you can get certified and sell the finest quality products. But is this certification necessary? And what are the benefits? Continue reading this article to learn more.

  1. It helps create a brand name: According to an article, 68 per cent of customers believe Woolmark-certified clothing is worth paying for. It means that many consumers are confident about Woolmark products, and it is that confidence you will have to capture. Hence, it is beneficial to attain a certification and allow your brand to pop or stand out among the rest of the competition. Since wool garments are luxury clothing, the customers seek certification and brand recognition. Customers enjoy flaunting quality and stunning garments in front of known people, family, and friends.
  2. It optimises the supply chain: If there is no proper visibility, it will hinder the supply chain process. Hence, it is essential to gather critical insights so that the ability to satisfy the customers will be fine. With the help of technology, optimising the supply chain management process becomes easy. A Woolmark certification allows quality management to be included throughout the entire production process, from raw materials to shipment. Well, it is a must to utilise supply chain optimisation strategies. The Woolmark company assists your design team with supply chain, periodic counselling, quality assurance, commercialisation and marketing of new wool products.
  3. It educates you about wool: If you specialise in wool products, you must know about wool. Thanks to the Woolmark team, they will educate you and your team about wool’s various advantages and feasibility. The training sessions provided by them are entirely exclusive. In addition, these sessions are tailored and provide good insights into maximising the sale of wool garments. When your sale increases, it will eventually increase your profits and help grow the business.
  4. It provides you with technical assistance: It is vital to have technical assistance to facilitate swift access to available technologies. Hence, the Woolmark company’s technical team ensures knowledge transfer to your team or company. You will gain expertise in supply chain optimisation, traceability, product innovation, and development. Moreover, the global network will support you and enable seamless interaction.
  5. It facilitates traceability: Several manufacturers are making news regarding plant breakdowns, treason and poor product quality. Therefore, a traceable system must be implemented for the company’s credibility and better income. Facilitating traceability allows extensive monitoring of products from developers to consumers. Also, you can ensure transparency through the entire supply chain process. For instance, a unique batch number is provided to all the Woolmark-certified products, and this number can be traced back to the manufacturer.
  6. It assures natural fibres: Assurance of authenticity is essential to provide goodwill to the customers. As a result, they will return to your brand and shop for more of your products. For example, 100 per cent cotton might only sometimes mean 100 per cent because of the intricacies involved in the process. Hence, brands with 100 per cent wool certification attract many customers. And many customers prefer environmentally-friendly varieties rather than artificial ones.


Authentic wool is challenging to find, and as a wool manufacturer, you must get certified to establish and retain a solid customer base. The certification standards ensure low-quality products don’t reach the customers to protect brand identity and reputation.

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